Saturday, November 05, 2005

Fifty Gold Sovereigns -- A Novel


When I was eight years old, I began writing a novel about a tiny black filly, royally bred, whose destiny was to run in the Queen's Plate. Through the years the story has evolved, as I learned more about racing and eventually worked extensively in the industry. Still, this story is based in fantasy, and I've taken some liberties as a result!

I won't be posting the whole novel here, only pieces, teasers of a sort, hopefully getting some feedback. I may add thoughts here and there as I go, little extras that aren't part of the body of the actual novel as it stands at the moment. The joy of the blog format is that it will allow me to include illustrations and photographs as I go, as in the "real world" I'm an equine artist. I do, however, appreciate the value of letting the reader form his or her own images of the settings and characters, so hopefully my additions won't get in the way of that. If this is so successful someone wants to make it into a movie though, I'm afraid we'll have to live with it! :)

So, here we go...hope you'll come along for the ride!

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