Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Notes on Chapter One

Yes folks, two posts in one day. :-) I took a quick glance over what I had already posted. I've already been thinking Chapter One needs to be seriously looked at, tightened up, that sort of thing, but some of the commentary may remain.

The filly's destiny is supposed to be the Queen's Plate -- ironically, this year's installment is this coming Sunday. I was looking through the current condition book last night (that's the book that the track handicapper writes outlining prospective races for two weeks at a time) and the Plate is the feature on the last day of this current book. It includes pertinent info such as the nomination process for this prestigious stake. Things have changed in the process since I started writing my novel, and I determined I would keep it in the period of the early 1980s. Things have changed a lot in Canadian racing in general. My story takes place before Canadian Triple Crown race distances, surfaces and timing were altered to be more like the American series. Back then you would still see racing stories in the Toronto Star, where now the Star is so pathetic in its reporting on the local racing scene it might as well be non-existent. I used to look at the Star every single day. A story such as the birth of a notable foal likely would have made it into the Sports pages. That sure wouldn't happen today!

The reality of a breech presentation, from what I've been told by friends with more extensive foaling experience than I, is that it's the sort of case that would be referred immediately to the nearest Large Animal Clinic. Could a 100-pound female manipulate that foal? Might be a bit of a stretch, but for dramatic effect I'm going to go with it. It's not the most unlikely thing that will happen in my story. It's not impossible, either. It's what they taught us in high school English - the willing suspension of disbelief.

I hope you enjoyed meeting the three main characters -- Lise, Pete, and of course the filly! Please excuse my bad Photoshop job. Filling in for the Sotisse filly is Peaker!

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