Friday, September 14, 2012

A Whole New World

So, how long ago was it I said I needed to start sending out queries?  Well....last night I did my first one.  I'm not considering it a real query, because I'm taking advantage of an opportunity presented by a particular agent on her blog.  Not really a perfect fit, but it got me over that hump of  It has also kicked my butt to start researching agents who may be more appropriate, and thus hopefully I will send out a few more in future.  Today I've been madly re-formatting the manuscript....ahhhhhh.  I should be painting, but it's a rainy afternoon, the ponies are in, and with this writing thing I have to go with the courage when it hits!  Haha!

I have been pondering, again, that at 130,000 words (yes I've actually got it down to that), no one's going to touch it.  As a result I expect I will find a way to self-publish it, not because I expect to make any money from it, but because I think there are a handful of people out there who might enjoy it, and well, I'll be counting on my friends to blog and tweet and FB about it!  We have this thing called the interwebz, we must make it work for us!

In the meantime, I have to laugh.  Sending out that query, I'm ready for a whole new world of rejection!  It's all part of the experience....

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