Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Back away from the keyboard....

It's not a newsflash that I could go on editing the LGN forever.  This latest edit hacked out a few more words, but really, I know I need to stop.  I know I'm obsessive.  I started to laugh at myself when I was doing the whole add and take away the comma thing.

I think now I just need to come up with a gameplan.  As 126K is still a significant length, I've been pondering if I could divide it into two or three smaller parts.  I mean, George R.R. Martin kind of has a running tale, right?  Ha!  Yes I know there's no comparison.

The self-publishing/e-book route is getting the most consideration in my brain these days.  I am not looking for fame and fortune.  At this point, I really just want to say I've done it. Just like I want to say I've evented.  You know, before I'm 50.  Which means I need to get on it!  That goes for both publishing and eventing.  :-D

Yes I should be painting, which is actually something from which I make money.  Hmm, I need a book cover....

An interesting note....much of what has been hacked is included in this blog, in the very early posts.  So if, down the road, you decide to read the book, and like it, you can always find more bits and pieces here!

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