Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cold Mornings and Foal Watch

Last night was one of the coldest yet this winter, though it's been a lot colder other years. It's been a pretty good winter. I haven't started nightwatching the two mares I have here yet -- they've been vac'd, wormed, udders clean, and the babies in their bellies are shifing...but they're still a ways away. How long I can't know. I wish I could!

At the moment I'm just kind of writing "filler". It's actually "the sequel", which is something I really never intend to show anyone. It's more for me, sorting out details -- you know you're supposed to know your characters' whole histories. Maybe I'll change my mind, but right now it's got a lot of garbage, in my opinion! In a sense I'm writing just to write. I'm kind of using things that have happened, just to record the experience in a different context. There's not as much racing so far in this one, and that, to me, makes the story kind of boring. Too much personal stuff.

On a sad note...Dan Fogelberg died recently. His music will always live on...