Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ruthless Editing

Last week I went through every computer-owners worst nightmare - especially as it falls into the category of "I should know better!" My computer died. I am usually pretty diligent about backing up, but for the last while my backup drive has been a little flakey. A poor excuse, I know, but with the insanity the real life horses in my life have been throwing at me lately, I just didn't manage to get out to remedy that situation. And I really didn't acknowledge the subtle cues my little MacBook was throwing my way that suggested something might soon go awry....

Long story short...my hard drive had a meltdown, taking with it my most recent photographs (including the Queen's Plate) and editing of the 'sequel' to Fifty Sovereigns. Ouch. My tech friend has not given up entirely on the data recovery, but a week later, it's hard to be optimistic. I will be pleading with other photographers if I want to paint the Plate winner this year, and the writing, well, there's only one answer to that. Do it again! Sigh.

In the meantime, I decided to go back to this "LGN" of mine and take a stab at reducing my horrendous word count, so that at the very least, I won't be totally embarrassed when I start querying. Though I'm not sure how far I can take it, and if ultimately, I will be looking at going the self-publishing route (bleh!) I've decided either way, I will query, for the sake of experience. I have some experience when it comes to rejection, from my life as an artist. I've received the odd rejection letter from juried exhibitions. Thankfully I've received my share of acceptances too, though I'm not going to hold my breath for such a response when it comes to the writing world. Whole different ballgame, that.

So...that's where I am. I'm hoping to push through this rewrite/edit before my trip to Saratoga at the end of the month, and then look at forging ahead with some queries come September. August will have to be devoted to some painting, with a couple of very big gigs coming up in that department. I may post some of what gets cut from the novel on here, so that it will live on, somewhere! It's hard to let go...but it must be done!