Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Well, it would appear I still have some work to do in the ruthless editing department. Wasn't that a show, the $164,000 Question? Am I really dating myself here? Naturally there is not $164,000 at stake here; not for me, anyway. I knew I wasn't going to make my goal of 150K...there just wasn't much I could hack away in the last two chapters, so it's back to square one. I did, however, write what I think is a rather nifty potential query letter. Ironically it's quite short and concise. Is that false advertising?

I have to admit these last few days - despite the warm temps and lovely sunshine - I've been in a "why bother?" sort of mood. My time would be better spent painting. Except that when I paint I feel more or less the same, and think I'm better off just working with the horses, because that I can sort of do, and they seem to actually appreciate it! All except for my own mare, that is! Ungrateful child....

"Good to know you have the whole hotwalker thing to fall back on..."

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