Thursday, November 04, 2010

The First Quarter

As a race can have more than four quarters, I'm going with that title even though I'm not a quarter of the way to my wordcount yet! I've hit just over 8200 words, so I'm ahead of the game. ;-) I kind of feel like I'm cheating, because for my story I chose to taken the setting and some of the characters from my LGN (the long-suffering novel that inspired this blog) and throw them twenty years into the future. The main character is new, but many of those around him are old friends.

NaNo lets us upload a book cover, so I decided to do one this year. My NaNo name is Bellarush, if you're wondering! The image comes from one of my paintings.


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

You sound like a good editor and I am dying to read this novel! where will I find it.
I also love your horse photos being a horse lover from way back.

Linda Shantz said...

Hi Mary. Thanks for stopping by! Novel is as yet unpublished,(my!) due to a combination of the writer's lack of confidence and too much competition in the rest of my life! I need to work on overcoming that! If it happens, you'll hear about it on this blog!