Wednesday, April 06, 2016

*Poke*Poke* Is It Dead?

Well, two years and change, is that all it's been? I admit I abandoned the idea of finding a traditional publisher for the LGN (that's "Late, Great, Novel" if you're new here).  I've been following people doing the indy publishing thing, and reading a lot of self-published e-books in the last while.  My novel isn't going to be the worst one out there, and another horse racing novel is not going to kill anyone.  Maybe some people will even like it.  I don't have illusions about getting rich - I don't even expect to make any money.  I just want to say, after all these decades, I did it. So, why not?
Potential Cover?

I just finished what had better be the last edit, and even knocked down the word count a little bit, to 123,698. At the very least, these days, it's easy enough to publish electronically - whether or not I try and do a print version remains to be seen.  Next I need to come up with a cover image - it seems stupid not to use one of my own paintings.  Now hopefully I can find one that actually exists that will do the job, or my plan will be further delayed! I guess I also need to write a blurb, which I've been finding difficult.  I've read a number of them that I don't feel do the book justice, so I'm trying not to end up in that same situation!

On the side I've also been working on making the sequel better, so I'll have a follow-up ready to go. I've even surprised myself by pondering a third book - I just can't seem to let go of these characters.

Next steps are the scarier ones - actually working through getting it published. And the real work?  Self-promotion!  Thanks to many years as a professional artist, I know that full well!

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