Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Do Me A Favour, Would You Tell Me When to Stop, Because I Don't Know How to Quit...


I really never thought I'd get the wordcount on this longsuffering novel that low! Still long, by publishing standards...though once again I sit with three paperbacks on my headboard that are all greater than 150K...though only one is a first novel.

The thing is...I can be a bit competitive. In this case, with myself. Now that I've gone through and hacked an amazing number of words, I want to start all over at Chapter One, see if I can hack some more, because I'm sure as I got closer to the end, I became more ruthless. Of course, I should probably read through the silly thing once more anyway, to make sure it's still coherent!

I have to admit this week I've been trying to be realistic. If I'm *smart* I will try to write a novel of more appealing length, query that, try and get it published - put this one on the shelf. Chances of getting a book that "breaks the rules" published are much greater when it's not a writer's first attempt. My problem is, it's taken me much of my life so far to write this thing...what makes me think I have something else in me?

Oh well...maybe I'm like the perpetual student...destined to be a perpetual closet novelist! Off to dust one of my NaNoWriMo projects to try to prove myself wrong.

(My apologies to Switchfoot for the title, inspired by lyrics from "Playing for Keeps!")

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