Saturday, December 31, 2011

Do Something You've Never Done Before

Isn't that supposed to apply to every day? Anyway, I'm not sure I manage that, but a little while ago I was reminded about the Thoroughbred Times Fiction contest, held every two years by the publication. I've always wanted to enter, but as a self-proclaimed failure when it comes to short fiction, I've never managed to put something together. After the last go-round I contemplated adapting an excerpt from my LGN to submit, so when I saw the information pop up this time I figured I might as well have a go. A couple of hours ago, I submitted my entry. Who-hooo! Naturally today was the deadline, though technically I didn't wait till the *very* last minute!

I'm trying not to have expectations, of course, but it would be very cool to place. Perhaps I can garner my little story some attention that will lead to the illusive publication! Or at the very least get me off my behind and do that whole querying thing that I've never even attempted!

Happy New Year!

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